First, however, I would suggest you find a collaborator in your local area.

If this is not possible, try singing your own song. Even if you’re not a great singer just try to keep a steady rhythm and do the best job you can. Our studio will do the rest. We’re experts at taking your rough idea and smoothing out the rough edges. We will produce a polished song and record a demo you will be proud of.

If you cannot find a local collaborator and cannot give us a rough interpretation, we will be happy to write the music for you. We guarantee: an original melody, and an original arrangement of your song demo.


I would offer a few suggestions when sending song lyrics to us. Yes, song lyrics. This is way different than writing a poem. With poetry you have a freedom of structure and content that you do not have with a song lyric. The melody being created for your lyric is going to be very dependent on this structure; In addition, when writing contemporary songs, you are limited to three or four minutes. So, lyrics need to be concise, well structured and in some sort of logical pattern.

The chorus, most of the time, will contain the ‘hook’; this in most cases will be repeated a few times throughout the song. The verses can number 3 or 4 and they should be concise and similar to each other. (For instance: if the first line of verse one has ten syllables, the first line of verse two should not have thirty syllables.

The syllable or word content of each line does not have to be exactly consistent but they should be close. Remember: the verses will be similar musically so it makes sense to keep the lyrics similar also. Again: it doesn’t have to be exact, just in the ballpark.


I know it’s tough to be truly original but at the same time you don’t have to use the same words that have been used hundreds of times before. Most songs are written about love. The difficult part for all lyricists is finding a unique, original, and different way to write a love song; and then do this in the 3 – 4 minute range.

Yes, tough indeed. Then again, no one sees life through your eyes. You have a perspective on this world that no one else has. Use that; use your imagination. Have fun; writing song lyrics can be a whole lot of fun.

Additional tips for basic lyric writing and song structure is on our songwriter tips page.


We offer lyric revisions at no additional charge when ordering any demo recording. If needed, we can add the finishing touch that will add just that extra spark to your song. Sometimes just a subtle change can make a huge difference. We are true experts at this. All lyric revisions will pass your review before the demo is recorded.


Good lyric writing is an art form that takes time and practice. Constantly write, rewrite, edit your lyrics as many times as it takes to polish them to perfection. I usually start with a rough outline, maybe even a few verses or a hook; and each day I try to improve the song little by little. By a week or two it’s always way better than when I started out. Practice, practice and then practice some more.