“Thank you for the wav file and mp3, all received.  I’m really loving what you’ve done! The more I listen to it the more excited I become about the song! You’ve nailed it with all the extra little instruments in there! The mix of everything you’ve chosen just works so well together. And I really love the pace of the guitar in the chorus!” Julie Stojanovski Australia

“To say I’m impressed with this version is an understatement. I love it” Darren Pritchard England, UK

“Hi Tom, Great job on this Demo! The song was nicely interpreted and sung. Thanks much for the rapid turn around and high quality work. You have made my day.” Dino Del Gaudio Houston, TX.

“You’re good, Thomas. I like the new vocal and melody arrangements on ‘Girls Girls Girls’; Especially the tenor voice background; The background vocals added more flavor to the arrangement. Even my brother (a musician himself) complimented on what a swell job you guys did.”   Ray Teal Miami, FL.

“thank you again; best demo recordings I’ve ever had done period; and I’ve been getting demos recorded over thirty years.”  Martin Zaidman Los Angeles, CA

“I have received the MP3 of ‘Old Marcel’. It sounds great, I really enjoy what you have done. (I recently joined TAXI) but you’ve done such a good job I’m also considering just sending the song to a couple of local community radio stations to see what kind of reaction I get.”  Anthony Catley Perth Australia

“Received the CD for ’22 Breakups’ and ‘Love Addicts Anonymous’ today. Very happy with these two demos; Thanks a million.”  Martin Funcell Santa Cruz, CA

“Sounds really good; Very pleased with the results. More songs on the way”  Nasos Lambrianides Cyprus

“Could I please get the mp3 for these songs. The demo of ‘Second Chances’ is so beautiful. Thank you for everything; Will be getting in touch with you soon for more work.”  Angelica Deveraux Houston, TX

“I am a 30 year songwriter of published works, and I never had a producer near your talent. You actually listened to me. You included everything I asked for, and blew my doors off! Over the years I have worked with many studios and not one delivered on time. You just changed that statistic as well. The vocals were unbelievable.”  Brian Del Piano Syracuse, NY

“Tom…That Rocks! Even better than I expected! you got the feel I was looking for beautifully! Love the backing vocals. Will throw some more work your way soon! Cheers.”   Rohan Carter, Australia

“Lovely work. Excellent communication from start to finish…and done BEFORE I needed it. (no nail biting needed) Thank you Tom. Please pass on my thoughts to all involved. and let me know who all was involved so I can give credit information. I will have more for you when I get back from the Feast. thanks so very much…. LOVED the addition of echo’d vocals in just the right places.”  Kaley Writes4U, Montgomery, PA

“What can I say. I love the arrangement. I’m so glad I didn’t send this song to Nashville. You did a much better job for a lot less money.”  Jon Gudjonsson, Reykjavik, Iceland

“Once again you nailed it man! I love it! I love the passion you bring to my songs!” Howard Lull, New York, NY

“WOW on ‘Chained to Rowing Oars’ and ‘Two Camps Dividing’; again a heart felt WOW. I really like the way you did these two, I am gonna get to rock and roll yet”   David Sarauer Utica MI

“I received ‘Out of Bounds’ in the mail today. You and Paula are amazing! I am really pleased with how it turned out.”  Jeff Johnson Indianapolis IN

“Great Job Tom and everyone else who helped with my song. I’m going to hire you guys to do my album. I have four other songs I’m going to send. I LOVE IT! Thanks again so much for my CD.”  Robert Van Mierlo Fenton MO

“Just received three great songs from you. I’m so pleased with your work. Thanks to your team for such a great job.”  Roger Meyers Westlake Village CA

“I listened to my demos last night and I am very very pleased with the result. The quality production I received for the minimal cost is truly amazing. This songwriter is very grateful for such a service and thank the entire staff for the professional recording.” Craig Ruvere Lyndhurst, NJ

“Bravo! It’s great; love the vocalist and the mix is fantastic!” Carolyn Baron Italy

“Really great track man! Excellent very pleased with what you have achieved. It’s everything I was imagining plus you have added great guitar parts which set the song up nicely. Thanks a lot Tom to you and your musicians you have served the song extremely well.”  Ian Morris New Zealand

“Thank you for the great job you & your staff did on ‘Lost Souls & Hearts of Gold.’ And give my regards to Chaynace, she’s got great chops!”  Sergio Suarez Seattle WA

“Got the package today. It sounds great. Cornelia loves the country-ish sound you gave to it.”  William C. O’Donnell, Col. USAF

“Many thanks for the four tracks. I especially liked ‘Oh Julie’ and Vamp Vixen’; very professionally produced and James Stevens has a wonderfully expressive voice. Both arrangements captured the desired mood very well. I am seriously impressed with your turn-around time. You leave your competition standing in the dust”  J. Rich England

“Just returned from abroad and got to listen to the demo; I must say I am thrilled with the result.”  Jason Warner London England

“Just wanted to let you know that the demo performance you did for Terry and I “The Wise Man Said To Me” is getting radio play around the world. Also, I received a contract for my song “I Don’t Want Much For Christmas” that you also performed. Thanks for the great work.”  D.I. Tampa, FL

“Thanks for another good track. I received it on Thursday. You have certainly captured the “mood” I was looking for.”  W. P. Newmarket, ONT Canada

“Hi Tom. I received the new demos. Thank you so much. Also I received a contract today from Memories of Memphis for ‘Driving America’, which you cut for me a few months back.”  A.H. Monroe, LA

“I received ‘Angel With Broken Wings’. Excellent! I cannot begin to express the appreciation I have for your work and James’ heartfelt vocals making my songs the best they can be. Compared to the other group I first started out getting to demo my songs, there is no contest; hands down-you are superior. As a client, I want you to know your communication with writers like me expedient service, and quality product with reasonable prices are what puts you guys over the top. It truly shows you are working in conjunction with me trying to project what I want instead of treating me as just a number and throw me out a cookie cutter song. When I’m ready to send more projects rest assured-you’ll be the one I trust to have them done.”  T.W. Orlando, FL

“Thanks for the outstanding song demos; I noticed your studio was in the latest issue of Songwriter Magazine and their article on mail order demo firms. I’ve tried most all the demo houses in the article and just as the author said each one of you produce professional recordings. What the article didn’t mention is that your prices are about two hundred dollars lower.”  M.S. Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for your special efforts in producing, arranging and performing the five songs I gave you. I believe that the resulting CD presents the songs as professionally and pleasingly as could ever have been done at 10 times the price. Your attitude and talent can’t be matched at any price.” Below is a partial list of my credits in the industry: As song lyricist:. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons,  Jefferson Starship, Chad Stuart (A&M Records) The Monkees (Colgems Records) Smokey Robinson and The Pointer Sisters”  Paul Stein Los Angeles, CA

“I have listened to the new songs a number of times. I am so pleased with the job that you did. On the song “Prayer” I loved hearing the organ, the backup singers, the everything. The vocalist was just, well, she’s a star! And the song, “Can We”, again it was perfect! Your music as always, was terrific!  HEMUSIC is moving right along. We already have music in movies in the United States and Europe. Our job now is to get the #1 song in the Nation! It is not just a “dream” for us: we have a plan and we are right on course. I mention the #1 record, not to be bragging, but to pay tribute to people like you, Tom. With the type of music that you are putting out for me, I know I’m going to make it.”  HeMusic Publishing, Ocala, FL

“When I submit your song demos to publishers they’re receiving high praise. Today the music licensing firm (AudioSparx) has just signed your latest recording. Thanks”  S.D. Thunder Bay Ontario

“We received the demos today of our songs, “The Cross of Calvary”, “The Dusty Road to Jerusalem “, and “Heaven Came Down”. They are WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for doing such a great job! We are very impressed with the arrangements and with the singer, James Stevens. He has a beautiful voice! We like how he is able to really convey the feeling of the song. We are also very impressed with the extremely quick turn-around. And it was very special for us to receive this today because it happens to be our anniversary!”  J. Rapp Las Vegas

“The record you produced is on five stations in the Ohio area and several upstate NY stations. Also Southern Music took it over for their European markets.”  H.Boye New York, NY

“Your contribution to the Hollywood Survivor CD and Bandits of the Soul was just what I wanted; the radio reviews I have received speak volumes. I look forward to working with you again; you are a professional all the way”  J. Pasternak Music Los Angeles, CA

“I just received my first royalty check from ASCAP. The record is being played all over Europe and Australia.”   J.H. Los Angeles, CA

“Just signed a publishing contract with a large firm in Columbia. They will promote the song in English and Spanish. Your demo was instrumental in getting this deal.”  LMcS London, England

“The royalty payments are still coming in every six months; Thank you for the great recordings. You guys are the best.”  M.S. Southbridge, MA

“What a beautiful song. I want all of you to know how I feel about your group. You are fantastic. I just don’t know how you do it. But keep it coming. I love each one of you. You have surely been blessed. And I bless the day I found you. Well, that is my love letter and I love 1-800 Heaven! Please share my thoughts with everyone. You know how I feel about James, he has the voice of an Angel.”  M.L. Ridgeland, SC

“I wanted to thank you for the job you did with my demo. You did a fantastic job with the song and I’m very happy with the outcome. The turnaround time was also fantastic and I look forward to working with you on other projects.”  D.Q. Purvis, MS

“Just heard my song on the radio. What a thrill. Thanks for the great production.”  RW Music Los Angeles, CA

“The male vocalist is great. A Nashville publisher said he’d like to shop his talents around town.”  K.J. Youngstown, OH

“I’ve tried all the demo houses. You are the best.” S.W. Bedias, TX

“On behalf of my co-writer and myself, thank you for a job well done.” Leslie King United Kingdom

September/October 2005 Issue of AMERICAN SONGWRITER MAGAZINE   “It’s safe to say that all ten services did a very professional, quality job. The Thomas Roller version was interesting with a pop/contemporary feel. After extensive listening it seems to be the most commercial.”  MAIL IN DEMOS by Jack Chandler;

“Thanks for the great job on the demos. We have done six songs with you and they’ve all been fantastic.”  T.I. Panama City Beach, FL

“If I wasn’t in love, I am now. A prettier song has never been produced! I love the dobro. James is a love song singer. I can’t get enough of it. You guys are incredible.”  M.N. Atlanta, GA

“Wow. Your arrangements are phenomenal. In my opinion you are ingenious at interpreting the ideas in my work tapes. I’ll get back to you in a few weeks.” B.M. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“The demo is awesome. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. Paula has given the demo the strength I was hoping for and together with those really cool guitar riffs makes the whole thing really work.”  I.W. London, England

“The demo arrived today. It came out very nice.”  M.W. Liverpool, England

“Received my song, Sunshine Rain. It sounds great. Thanks for all the good work.”   E.O. Cleveland, OH

“Our co-written song has been accepted by a large record label. It will be promoted nation wide.”  A.C. San Antonio, TX

“I asked you to wail and that’s what you did. Great job.”  V.P. Bishop, CA

“Thanks for the demo. The vocals were really good. A lot for the money.”  N.F. Richmond, VA

“Your demo was so good I just signed a publishing contract on ‘I Feel So Lost’.  M.M.L. Atlanta, GA

“People are just loving the song you recorded for me. Thanks a million.”  J.B. Phoenix, AZ

“just wanted to thank you for my demo of ‘Denim and Dust’. I sent the demo to three publishers and the first publisher that responded to me offered me a publishing contract.”  T. K. Richmond, VA

“Tom, you are amazing. A thousand ‘thank yous’ for doing what some would call impossible. I really appreciate your extra efforts on this one.”  D.H. Salt Lake City, UT

“Hi Tom; Hope all is well. I’ve had many demos done by you in the past and they have all been beautiful. A publisher just loved ‘Three Little Words’ and ‘I Could Have Been Your Guy’, and offered me a publishing contract.”  T.M. Boston, MA

“I have played that song 500 times! I don’t know who I love the best, Tom, you or James.”  M.J. Charlotte, N.C

“I just listened to the song. I think it is really great, and I’m thrilled with it.”  N.D. Edenvale, South Africa

“Received ‘How Long Is Forever’ by Paula, and just wanted to let you and Paula know that it sounds beautiful! The instrument choices blend so nicely with Paula’s voice.”   J.A. Gold Creek Productions, CA

“Hey Tom; Love her Voice! Thanks for making the song better than when I gave it to you. Love the background vocals!”  S. Dafoe Ontario Canada

“Mike and I are pleased to offer a publishing contract for your song ‘Out of Iraq’. Thank you again for a great song; We are always proud to pitch your material.”  B.H. Publishing Co. Brandon, WI

“Just received my demo; Fantastic! A hard rock demo that actually sounds hard rock; I tried numerous studios in Nashville, but their attempt at hard rock just sounds country.” A.P.S. Dalton, GA

“Thank you for the good job on the song demos. I post on several songwriting web forums, and work with various other writers from time to time, so I’ll be sure to pass the positive experience on to others. Thanks again and best wishes.”  D. Smith Cookeville, TN

“You are really good. I received the demo for my song material today. I was just so afraid to even open the package at first. All of these thoughts, that it wasn’t going to sound worth a damn started to enter my mind. I finally sat down to listen to it, and immediately a warm sensation overcame me. You took my rough idea and seemingly made all the right adjustments. As I stated to you in one of our emails, I knew some adjustments would have to be made. Waiting for Chaynace to sing the material was definitely worth the time. She has the type of voice I was hoping to hear. I was very impressed with her timing and delivery. I’ll remember her name too, if I ever achieve any level of success.”  J. Wilson Detroit, MI