About Us


Thomas Roller Productions is a state of the art digital recording studio with the very latest in music recording technology. We use the best equipment to assure you of a professional recording that will compete in today’s marketplace. We have the best of both worlds: a grand piano, pedal steel, fiddle, upright bass, saxophone, acoustic and electric guitars to give you authentic country and jazz demos; and we also have a great selection of sample libraries and electronic sounds that are absolutely essential for top 40 contemporary, dance, techno and rap. We specialize in mail order song demos but we are a fully functional working recording studio and welcome session work if you are in the Los Angeles area.



Our staff of musicians and singers are true professionals who have worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. We have produced demos for some of the largest publishers in Los Angeles, CA. and for talented songwriters all over the world. We can produce your recording in a wide range of styles including: contemporary country, top 40 dance, rock, soul, r&b, ballads and rap.



We have been in business over 20 years serving singers, musicians and songwriters around the world. We have an unequaled reputation of quality work at affordable rates. We love our clients and appreciate the trust they place in us; We work very hard to give each and every customer a demo recording they will be proud of.

Our testimonial page is full of unsolicited responses from songwriters from every corner of this planet. No big stars, no grammy award winners, just talented songwriters that want a good solid music demo without having to break the bank; and yes, these testimonials are on file for verification.

We’re not ‘patting ourselves on the back’ with our testimonial page. We just want to let you know we have been around a while and we’ve pleased a few people along the way.



Thomas Roller Productions is a recording studio; We do not promote your songs. We give you the essential first step in a successful songwriting career: A professional demo that will compete in today’s competitive marketplace. We will never use ‘promotional scams’ to get your order. In fact, if any demo studio promises to promote your song be very skeptical. The best promoter of your songs is yourself.



I wish I could offer a money back guarantee. I can’t; music is just too subjective. but I will work extremely hard to give you a recording you will be proud of. A recording that will compete with demos costing hundreds more. I truly appreciate your order and I want you as a return customer. Some of my clients have been with me for ten years and more. There is a reason for this. I give a product that goes well beyond the price I charge.



Before placing an order please listen to the sample page. Here you will find an assortment of mp3s (actual demo orders) in a wide range of styles. I don’t know of any other songwriter demo studio that offers more samples customers can listen to before placing an order. These samples are a true representation of our product and how your song will sound. If you like our samples there’s a very high probability you will be a satisfied customer. When you first place your order you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Within a day or two (after your order is reviewed) you will receive another e-mail giving you an approximate turn-around time. Most orders will be completed (an mp3 attached via e-mail) within 10-14 days. There are times when scheduling problems arise and the production of your song will be delayed. If this is the case, you will be notified via e-mail. All recording work is done on a work-for-hire basis. You will own 100% of the rights to the completed song and production.